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Instructions for using eLumen


Video instructions on how to score in eLumen

eLumen Scoring Instructions for Faculty (text)

Instructions for Viewing Assessment Results by Course

Instructors will typically score students on assessments that have been determined by department faculty to be appropriate measures of the SLOs assigned to that course. Instructors will receive two notification emails from the eLumen system when they are teaching a course that has such an assessment assigned to it. Department or program chairs or course coordinators will inform instructors of the SLOs to be addressed and the assessment used to measure them before the beginning of the course. Scoring the assessments/assignments using the rubrics in eLumen at the same time as grading it will reduce time spent and increase consistency.


The department-designated assessment coordinators have the capability to check eLumen to see that scores have been entered for assessments in their programs in a timely way. Because eLumen provides an immediate link to email, communication with instructors about eLumen tasks is simple and easy for coordinators. Coordinators are responsible for making sure eLumen scoring in their programs is complete.

Instructions for Checking Scoring Completion in eLumen 6.5

Instructions for Setting Up Assessments in eLumen (under construction)

Instructions for Generating Reports of Assessment Results

Run a database report for your program/major or for University Outcomes or Graduate Outcomes for courses in your department showing aggregate results across courses in the terms (semesters) you choose.

Information on eLumen's Automated Email Notification System

Assessments are currently set up in eLumen by Miriam Luebke. If you would like the flexibility of adding and managing those on your own, please contact Miriam. You can review the steps involved at the link above.

Instructions for Completing Annual Assessment Report in eLumen

Please check back for more Instruction Sheets. More will be posted soon. Look for:

How to distribute and manage Action Plans

How to set Department goals

Contact Assoc. VP for Assessment and Accreditation
Dr. Miriam Luebke
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