How to Apply for Graduation

Steps to apply for graduation for Traditional (Daytime) Students:  

1.     Login to CSP Connect. Click on the Advising and Student Resources tab.  Find the Graduation section on the lower right hand side of the page and click on the link called “Applying for Graduation”.

     a.   In the first screen, select the current term.  Your completion term will be chosen later.

     b.   In the Graduation Date selection screen, select a term you will complete all your degree requirements. Please note: Your graduation date is your completion term and is not always the same term as the ceremony. 

  • Choose December date if completing degree requirements in the fall term
  • Choose May date if completing degree requirements in the spring term
  • Choose August date if completing degree requirements in summer term

2.     Fill out the application completely and click the SUBMIT button.

3.   After the Registrar’s Office receives your graduation application, you will need to set up an appointment to go over your remaining requirements. The Registrar’s Office will email available times for you to stop in for your evaluation.  If you have a registration hold on your account for a graduation evaluation, it will be removed after you stop in.

5.     You will find graduation FAQ’s along with general information about completing your degree by visiting our graduation webpage.