Graduation FAQs

Graduation FAQs

When is the commencement ceremony?

CSP celebrates with commencement every May.  If a person is completing in the summer term, they would be eligible to participate early.  The upcoming ceremony dates for May 2016 are tentatively set for Friday, May 6 for Traditional (Daytime) students and Saturday, May 7 for Adult Undergraduate and Graduate students.  Specific ceremony times will be determined soon.  There are multiple ceremonies for the different program types, so please watch for further updates.

Who is eligible to apply for graduation?

Graduate students are eligible to participate in the May ceremony if their program requirements will be completed by August 31 of that year.

If you are a cohort undergraduate (evening) student, you may apply for graduation after you have 80 completed credits.  You will also need to be eligible for the upcoming ceremony.  If you will have less than 15 credits to complete by the end of spring semester with a plan to complete all credits by August 31, you are eligible to participate in the ceremony.  After submitting the application, you will need to submit a Degree Completion Plan to your advisor to be eligible for the ceremony.

If you are an traditional undergraduate (daytime) student and have 80 credits or more earned, you may apply.  If you have 90 or more credits, you are required to apply.  Once you have applied, you will be contacted to come in for a degree audit.  A registration hold may be placed on your account until you have met with the Registrar's Office if you do not respond to the initial email and meet the stated deadlines.

How do I apply for graduation?

Go to your CSP Connect and click on the Advising and Student Resources tab and find the Graduation box with the link to the application.  Adult Undergraduate Cohort students will also find a link to the Degree Completion Plan here.  More detailed instructions here

What is the deadline for applying?

You must be eligible to apply for the upcoming May ceremony and apply by the deadline, which is the Friday before Thanksgiving.  Late applications will be charged a $25 fee in addition to the graduation fee.

If you are a traditional daytime student with a requirement to apply in the Spring term for having 90 or more credits, then the deadline to apply online is January 30th.  You will have to stop by the Registrar's Office by February 27th in order to have your hold lifted before registering for 2015-16 classes later that month.

I am not planning to participate in the ceremony.  Do I need to apply?

YES.  All students need to apply to graduate (complete a degree or licensure) even if not participating in commencement.  The application is what triggers the evaluation of your completed credits and any remaining requirements. A degree or licensure will not be awarded if there is no application.

What is a graduation evaluation or degree audit?

The audit is for Traditional (daytime) students.  It is an evaluation of your entire academic program: General Education requirements, Major or Minor requirements and overall degree requirements.  DegreeWorks will be used in certain catalog years and others may need planning forms. Your advisor typically will cover all of these elements with you, but this audit process double checks all requirements so that nothing is holding up your degree being awarded when your classes are done.   This is especially important when you have majors and minors in different disciplines.  Sometimes there is extra paperwork needed that you and your advisor may not be aware of or that you thought you turned in but the Registrar's office never received.  You must have applied online to graduate in order to have a graduation evaluation. (Cohort students - Graduate or Undergraduate are not required to meet for an audit).

How long does an evaluation/audit take?

After you meet with the Registrar's office, which takes about 15 minutes, preparing your evaluation will typically take at least two to three days.  More time is required during peak application times.  Once the evaluation has been prepared, it will be sent to you. 

Why do I have a Graduation/Registration hold?

Registration holds will be placed on all potential traditional (daytime student) graduates accounts until the meeting with the Registrar (degree audit) has taken place. 

What is included in the Graduation Fee?

The graduation fee includes your cap and gown, your diploma and diploma cover and any medallion or pin for honors if you achieved them.  The $125 fee is mandatory for all students completing a degree at CSP.  You may order your cap and gown even if you are not participating in the ceremony.  Some graduates wish to have pictures taken in their regalia.

What are CSP's honors requirements?

Undergraduate students are eligible for honors.  Graduate and Licensure students are not eligible.  Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 to remain in the program and will receive a medallion indicating their 3.0 or above status.

As an undergraduate student, if you have completed 64 or more credits at CSP and have a GPA in the following ranges, you would be eligible for Latin Honors:

3.6 - 3.74   Cum Laude
3.75-3.89   Magna Cum Laude
3.9 - 4.0     Summa Cum Laude

If you have completed 63 or fewer credits at CSP and have a GPA in the following ranges, you would be eligible for the following honors:

3.75 - 3.89 with Distinction
3.9   - 4.0   with High Distinction

Honors listed in the commencement program will be estimated if your degree is not complete by mid-spring semester.  Regardless of what honors are listed in the program, your final GPA and credits completed will determine your final honors designation.  This is what will be printed on your transcript and diploma.  If your estimated honors have changed by the time your degree is awarded and you would like to exchange your medallion or pin for the correct one, please contact the Registrar's Office at 651-641-8233.

What is the graduation date that will appear on my diploma?

Dates on your diploma will indicate which term you completed your requirements.  It may not be the same date as your commencement ceremony. There is a date for Spring, Summer, and Fall terms.  If you complete during the Spring 2015 term, your diploma will have May 7, 2015. Summer completers have August 21, 2015, Fall completers have December 17, 2015.

If your degree has been awarded, it is valid as of the date all your requirements are complete, which may be before the date on your diploma. Your degree would not show as awarded if we had not verified that your requirements were done. If your employer requires verification that your degree is valid because of the date differential, the Registrar's Office can write a letter to verify that your degree has been earned.